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ACRE055 - VINYL  + MP3 DOWNLOAD 2 tracks

10" Vinyl £4.99

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Fresh ravebunker busting artillery from thrifty newman Tsunga. With Scratcha's patronage Tsunga began his heavily distorted attack dance floor last year with the terrifying Feisar melding a 92' hardcore sensibility with a Grime edge. First off we launch 'Maris Piper' here timeless breaks get deftly chopped and pasted, huge low-end surges propel this slice of classic jungle techno into the freeparties of 2092! On the flip 'B More Dog' comes harder, military grade drum programming sends ear shattering claps over the top with pounding kick drums huddled behind. Acid stabs dance on top of the crossfire, with full 21 lazer gun salute. Unfriendly for 2015. 

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