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ACRE054 - VINYL  + MP3 DOWNLOAD 2 tracks

7" Vinyl £3.99

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* 5 Track digital EP included *

It's time for a splash of colour to see us through to summer, after the explosive entry of Clap! Clap! in 2014, people have been thirsty for a fresh dose of world-beats. Here we present OG Afro-Futurist and frequent collaborator DJ Khalab, presenting his sonic Eunoto (Maasai coming of age ceremony). Khalab's sound has a more esoteric quality than his contemporaries pinning back his drums with uneasy washes of synthesised sound, mining Footwork and Hip Hop as contemporary frames. Where Clap! Clap! farms the world for sounds (most of his percussion can be traced to inuit and mongolian roots) his brother Khalab has his sights set firmly on African soil.    

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