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 MP3 Track £1  FLAC Track £1.25  WAV Track £1.5

Fresh from his seminal release on Black Acre, Prayer continues his neo-classical interpretations of his beloved Jungle tracks and carefully transforms them into two feature length reflections of his eclectic music interests.

Side A’s ‘I’ pays homage to pirate radio tape packs by at once encompassing the discontent and hope that once signified the scene. Prayer creates an explosive emotional journey through his use of simple but effective chord progressions, allowing the listener to be gripped for its entirety whilst mustering up an entire spectrum of feelings throughout.

Side B’s ‘II’ is considerably darker in its aesthetic. Prayer creatively accomplishes using his signature gothic composition to serve as a nod to a possible John Carpenter’s horror soundtrack. Fusing a dystopian soundscape with sinister but optimistic organ synths, by the end is a perfect combination of spooky and industrial but never strays far from a classic club track.

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