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 MP3 Track £1  FLAC Track £1.25  WAV Track £1.5
Welcoming South London duo FYI Chris to Black Acre with Black Dragon Loop EP!
A wigged out cut for the club and beyond, the psychedelic, post-punk tinged sounds of 'Black Dragon Loop' sees the duo deep dive further into their infinite sonic palette with a darker and more rugged multi-instrumental approach. Made out of the sample banks of a good friend, the track indicates a key factor in FYI Chris' music - their sense of community, the one which they are so wholly ingrained, and the influence of friends and family along the way. Sonically a reflection of the times but also a clear indication of a penchant for industrial and macabre sounds, this new single represents a sound fans will already know, largely due to West Friends label they co-run with friends from the Rye Wax basement - the imprint has delivered some of London's most outlandish dance-music in recent years, exemplifying their love for tongue-in-cheek gallows humour and an appetite for wonky club weirdness.

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