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DOWNLOAD 2 tracks

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 MP3 Track £1  FLAC Track £1.25  WAV Track £1.5
Cervo is no stranger to producing high quality dancefloor ready House cuts. Released on 13th October, ‘Deyo / Kasoa’ is no exception to this rule. After a tough period mentally and a formative trip to Ghana, Cervo combines his love for field recordings with his well known take on the classic House structure. The end result is slighter harder than his previous work but signifies his growth and development as an artist. The lead track, ‘Deyo’, starts as it means to go on. Straight away the punchy and energetic percussions draws you in and remains captivating for the entire track but it’s the melody that stands out. The sense of urgency is soothed by looping bass and piano riffs, complimenting each other perfectly throughout. ‘Kasoa’ is approached differently than the flip ‘Deyo’, more care and consideration is taken. It slowly builds up with field recordings as the backdrop providing context before allowing a clear and definitive vibe to be established.  

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